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2022 Wrap Up: A Year in Review

Look back at another iconic year from SM Entertainment artists. By: Adriana Chavez Every year SM Entertainment artists continue to raise the bar with new music and styles. But as...

Look back at another iconic year from SM Entertainment artists.

By: Adriana Chavez

Every year SM Entertainment artists continue to raise the bar with new music and styles. But as we welcome 2023, we can’t forget that 2022 delivered everything our playlists could have wanted. From solo music to surprise reunions, there was something for every fan to enjoy. Before we move forward, let’s take a look back at all the music that kept us grooving.

Got the Beat Kick Things off with a Bang

SM Entertainment started off the year strong by surprising fans by launching a mega girl group featuring BoA, Girls’ Generation’s TAEYEON and HYOYEON, Red Velvet’s SEULGI and WENDY, and aespa’s KARINA and WINTER. With the debut track “Step Back” inspiring girl power, the girls will be back with new music in 2023.

Girls’ Generation’s TAEYEON Returned with INVU

Girls’ Generation’s TAEYEON had a big year. In February, she released her third studio album INVU to critical success, even going as far as being named one of the best Kpop albums of 2022 by Time. While TAEYEON’s voice shines in the traditional ballads and pop tracks, the album also featured her trying out a new rock sound.TAEYEON also helped penned the track “Can’t Control Myself, giving her album a personal touch.

Red Velvet Continues the ReVe Festival

Expanding on their ReVe Festival series, Red Velvet dropped The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm in March and The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday in November. Each mini album showed off the best of Red Velvet and the way they dive into their concepts. Each with their own unique feel, every track gives something different from traditional R&B, dance-pop, to Latin inspired songs. 

NCT Dream Get Into the Glitch Mode

NCT Dream had hit the ground running with their first album Hot Sauce and they knew they needed something to prove with their sophomore release Glitch Mode. Released in March 2022, Glitch Mode kept up their momentum with the title track reaching over 38 million views on YouTube upon its release. The album was a whole experience by creating a sound that also had visual effects that reflected it. Glitch Mode also earned NCT Dream their first entry on the Billboard 200 chart.

Girls’ Generation Hit a Milestone

The girl group to set the precedent for all girl groups, Girls’ Generation celebrated their 15 year anniversary with their love letter to fans Forever 1. The nostalgically sweet album showed that Girls' Generation can still dominate. Full of songs to bring a smile to every listener, Forever 1 brings together all Kpop for a wholesome feel good album.

SHINee’s KEY Creates a Whole New World

If there’s one way to describe SHINee’s KEY it’s definitely as a creative genius. In August 2022, he released his second album Gasoline which from start to finish, took listeners on a journey. From the album visuals, photos, to the music itself, Gasoline had a fun 80s cinematic vibe which KEY took part in creating. The music weaves seamlessly into the concept which makes it feel like you’re consuming art in a completely new way. 

EXO’s XIUMIN Makes His Solo Debut

While we’re still listening to EXO’s last release Don’t Fight the Feeling, EXO fans were treated to new music by XIUMIN, marking his solo debut with the mini album Brand New. With frosted hair and a confident attitude, XIUMIN delighted fans with the title track “Brand New” which gives homage to the iconic EXO sound while making it his own laid back fun track. As the title suggests, it’s always fun to tackle brand new things and this album opened new opportunities for XIUMIN to explore his vocal prowess.

NCT 127 Zoom By with 2 Baddies

The year wouldn’t be complete without NCT 127 kicking up the energy and 2 Baddies got everyone’s heart pumping. 2 Baddies captures the fast pace, electric feeling from driving around and enjoying the moment. Experimenting with new sounds and creative dances, NCT 127 brought the fun making the album an adrenaline rush from the first track to the last.

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