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EXO 'Obsession' Album Review

EXO-Ls, let’s obsess about EXO’s ‘Obsession’ comeback! By Seul      Back on November 27, EXO returned with their first comeback album in nearly a full year!    The 11-month...

EXO-Ls, let’s obsess about EXO’s ‘Obsession’ comeback!

By Seul 



Back on November 27, EXO returned with their first comeback album in nearly a full year! 


The 11-month wait might have been just a little bit painful, but it was SO. WORTH. IT! Fans were treated with a whopping 10 brand new songs, a beautifully packaged album in two unique versions, and not to mention, so much teaser content! 




First, lets dive in to the crazy concept of this comeback. Officially, the concept is called #EXODEUX. In this story, the members are attacked by the evil influence of the red force, resulting in the split of their inner personalities into two sides! Basically throughout this comeback, the real, good’ side of EXO has to fight against alternate egos of themselves, the evil’ version known as X-EXO.  


I mean this concept is seriously really cool, and also a little bit scary. Initially, it reminded me of the recent horror film Us. Has anyone seen it? Because I havent. I cant watch scary movies at all, but I came across a trailer for it once and… it looked really scary.  



Now since I havent actually seen the movie I mentioned, I cant say for sure how similar the two concepts are. But I for one prefer the good’ version of EXO a lot more over the evil’ X-EXO, because Im a pretty simple person. Ive never been the type to sympathize with villains in movies or dramas, and I usually stay true to most hero stories by cheering for the main hero from beginning to end. So Im definitely on good’ EXOs side again for this comeback. The whole point of EXO from EXO Planet’ is that theyre heroes come together to win against the red force and save the universe, right? 



By the way, did I mention that one of my absolute favorite parts about this comeback is good’ EXOs sexy hero outfits? Just look at these all-black, military soldier suits! Among the members, Chen and Sehun had some of the best styles.  


On the other hand, it did seem like a lot of EXO-Ls are in love with the introduction of the new X-EXO alter egos to the storyline, because of their tsundere’ characters. Normally, the EXO members are known for being sweet and courteous to their fans, but not X-EXO! These evil’ X-EXO guys talk to the fans without honorifics (gasp!), and they generally ooze that bad boy’ aura that I know drives tons of fans crazy. I mean, I get it ladies.  



Okay, time to talk about the album tracks! EXOs albums are usually full of so many different genres, and this album was no exception. My personal favorites were some of the slower, groovier numbers like Day After Day” and Butterfly EffectDay After Day” in particular felt like a good R&B tune for cold, winter evenings lounging at home.  



If you had to divide up the 10 songs from Obsession’ into EXO versions’ and X-EXO versionshow would you put them? For me, Id say the tougher numbers like Trouble” and Jekyll” are definitely X-EXO’ songs. The sweet, romantic songs like GrooveBaby You AreNon Stop, and Butterfly Effect” go in the good EXO’ category. That leaves Ya Ya Ya” and Day After Day, which Ihave to say fall in the X-EXO’ side for me! For Ya Ya Ya, I would argue that the EXO members sing in a very confident, almost conceited manner in the lyrics. With Day After Day, its a beautiful song but its a song about farewell and regret, so I would choose to associate those negative emotions with the X-EXO’ side. And then theres the title track Obsession, which in itself is a monologue between EXO and X-EXO so it falls right in the middle. 


With all that EXO vs. X-EXO goodness, this comeback was totally everything that EXO-Ls could have ever wanted, and more! Which just leaves one more question to be answered: Whose side are you on, EXOs or X-EXOs? 


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