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Iconically Red Velvet – 5 Scoops of Sweet

By Kyle   Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy and Yeri. Since debuting in 2014, Red Velvet’s meteoric rise to become one of the premier K-pop groups of their generation is nothing...

By Kyle


Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy and Yeri. Since debuting in 2014, Red Velvet’s meteoric rise to become one of the premier K-pop groups of their generation is nothing short of legendary. Their names are synonymous to a bevy of hit songs, powerful performances, and career-defining moments. In the ever-growing world of K-pop, there’s something uniquely different about Red Velvet that sets them apart and gives them a winning edge. How did they ‘Power Up’ you ask? Let’s explore 5 key areas that earn Red Velvet the title of ‘Nation’s Pride.’



  1. Musical Magic

The ladies of Red Velvet have a deep discography and it is full of bops. “Red Flavor” is not only their signature song but a decade-defining classic, and a perennial summer staple. “Peek-A-Boo” and “Bad Boy” are just as remarkable, with hooks so catchy they could be fishermen. What sets Red Velvet’s music apart is the group’s zest for taking risks – their catalog is a treasure trove of experimental sounds and showstopping vocals. “Zoo” with its quirky animal cries masquerading as percussion is plain genius. “Dumb Dumb” pulses forward with a barrage of pop melodies even the verses sound like a chorus. Their sheer breadth incorporates a variety of genres insuring there’s a song suited for just about anyone’s musical tastes.



  1. Genre-Bending Visions

Red Velvet’s distinct dual concepts are an art form all their own. You have their ‘Red’ side which is colorful, girly, and upbeat – up-tempo pop songs perfect for long summer days and parties by the pool, and you have their ‘Velvet’ side – feminine, muted, with a focus on R&B sophistication that pairs well in autumn and winter. And instead of being boxed into a singular musical category such as ‘cute’ or ‘girl crush,’ Red Velvet continues to give us layers, incorporating a multitude of imagery into their music videos. “RBB (Really Bad Boy)” is one-part Thriller, one-part Monster Mash. “Peek-A-Boo” casts the quintet as alluring vampires lying in wait for one large pizza, extra toppings (tip not included). Red Velvet does tongue-in-cheek in style, balancing their sound and image effortlessly with a nod and a wink.



  1. Sizzling Skillsets

It would be remiss not to mention the group’s phenomenal vocals and dance skills. All are fabulous singers and dancers in their own merit, most evident in their live stages which combine stable vocals and quick movements with a flair for showmanship. The ad libs on “RBB” are an equivalent to vocal gymnastics, so impressive and precise it takes multiple listens to make note of them all. Their speedy delivery is also evident on “Zimzalabim” which sees Red Velvet spit firing phrases with seeming ease. Watch their energetic flash mob dance practice of the same song and witness why their choreography is so engaging and has fans instantly enthralled.     



  1. Crowning Achievements

The work Red Velvet has put into their music and performances has not been in vain either. They’ve accumulated many notable achievements, including the Golden Disc New Artist Award in 2015 and the Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Female Group in 2017. In 2019 they won Song of the Year for “Umpah Umpah” at the Asia Artist Awards, and Stage of the Year at the Soribada Best K-Music Awards. Eleven of their thirteen albums have topped South Korea’s Gaon Album Chart. Ten of their singles have cracked the Top 5 on the Gaon Digital Chart, with two of them – “Red Flavor” and “Power Up” - hitting #1 upon release. With the issue of The ReVe Festival trilogy last year, Red Velvet became the first girl group in history to reach the top spot of the US iTunes Album Chart three times in one calendar year. Heralded as not only one of the leading K-pop girl groups of today, but of K-pop groups in general, Red Velvet has amassed a diverse and loyal fanbase worldwide. So renowned in fact, in 2018 they were even invited to perform in North Korea, making them only the seventh idol group to perform there, and the first since 2003. In October of that same year, the quintet was deservedly bestowed the honor of ‘Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s Commendation’ at the Korean Popular Culture and Art Awards for their contributions in raising the profile of K-pop across the globe.



  1. ReVeluv Revolution

In K-pop extra care is given in dubbing an official fandom name and on April 26, 2017 - Red Velvet’s 1000-day anniversary since their debut - the group revealed theirs to much anticipation and fanfare. ‘ReVeluv,’ a portmanteau of Red Velvet and the mutual love shared between the ladies and their fans, and rêver, French for ‘to dream’, symbolizing how ReVeluvs have made Red Velvet’s dreams come true. As they wrote on their official Instagram post to commemorate the special moment, “let’s love each other and treasure each other for a really long time!” Whether its meeting fans through concerts, meet-and-greets, or live chats, Red Velvet always make sure ReVeluvs’ hearts are full.


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