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NCT 127 Asks NCTzens to Stick with Them in Their Newest Single ‘Sticker’

NCT 127 centralizes k-pop with their latest album and title to connect with all of their fans  by Patricia   NCT 127 is back after a year and a half...

NCT 127 centralizes k-pop with their latest album and title to connect with all of their fans

 by Patricia


NCT 127 is back after a year and a half with their third full album STICKER. The high anticipation for their return to the scene resulted in STICKER reaching 2 million pre-orders, while the title track has topped charts both in the Korean and international markets the first day of its release. STICKER includes a great variety of sounds, such as R&B, electronic beats, synth-pop and piano ballads, which showcase the versatility of the group. Among the song and sounds the album includes, the hip hop track ‘Sticker’ sticks out the most thanks to its catchy melody.



It cannot be denied that the experimental musical structure guided by a signature flute sound perfectly illustrates NCT 127’s trademark sound. The addictive flute sound will be stuck in your head, and you’ll soon find yourself humming and whistling its melody. Also, we can’t forget to mention the impressive vocals included in this song, as well as the powerful rap lines delivered by the members. The talent and skills of NCT 127 make of ‘Sticker’ an iconic and unforgettable song. NCT 127 are undoubtedly ready to shake up the K-pop industry! In addition, the lyrics of ‘Sticker’ represent a very explicit love declaration to NCTzens.


The neo-Western imagery is heavy in the ‘Sticker’ music video as we see the NCT 127 members slowly appearing one by one dressed in heart-fluttering, sparkling cowboy suits while riding classic cars and motorcycles. The group of futuristic cowboys is determined to captivate the hearts of their fans, as some members are seen shooting hearts at the camera with their hands. In this sense, the members also appear holding and throwing shiny lassos to the camera in an attempt to catch those NCTzens watching the music video. On the other hand, warm colors prevail throughout the music video until the second verse, when the spotlight being to reflects a neon green light, a little nod to NCTzens by using their official fan color. It goes without a doubt that NCT 127 made it thinking about their fans!


NCT 127 throw a party towards the end of the music video as it arrives to its climax and reveals the futuristic, high-class city which NCT 127 belongs to (most commonly known as Neo City) and which is open for everyone to enjoy. Finally, the video comes to an end with NCT 127 putting away their guns as they feel satisfied with the outcome: NCT 127 will have an audience that supports and loves them until the end of time!


As expected from NCT 127, the choreography of ‘Sticker’ is intense and eye-catching. The strong point of ‘Sticker’ is found in the chorus, which features dance moves that symbolize the need of the audience to be with them as close as possible. The NCT 127 members use their hands to represent how stickers stick to a surface in the same way that they want their fans to be with them (Like a Sticker!). The most striking dance moves actually come from the combination of signature dances of previous NCT’s title tracks, such as NCT U’s ‘BOSS’ and ‘The 7th Sense’ and NCT 2020’s ‘Resonance’. Without a doubt, dance covers of ‘Sticker’ will frequently pop up in social media this fall!


To sum up, ‘Sticker’ is an unforgettable song which captures NCT 127’s unique music sound and style. The unit always manages to bring fresh sounds for our ears (and hearts) to enjoy, and successfully does so with addictive sounds and conspicuous dance moves. This ambitious project if well-reflected in the music video, in which the NCT 127 members seduce their audience with a futuristic cowboy concept and make a promise of eternal love. Indeed, NCT 127 are determined to set a new trend in the K-pop industry, as they’ve already done with their past releases.


NCT 127’s third album is out now and can be purchased on SM Global Shop. The album includes 11 songs and comes in 4 different types: ‘Sticky Version’, ‘Soul Version’, ‘Sticker Version’ and ‘Jewel Case Version’. In addition, you can purchase a Deluxe Box with exclusive content only available on SM Global Shop.

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