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SuperM Speeds On - The Superheroes of K-Pop Return

By Kyle    The group that redefined the English dictionary last year (jumping plus popping equals “Jopping”, definitively) is blazing a comeback trail just as summer winds down and autumn begins. August saw...

By Kyle 


The group that redefined the English dictionary last year (jumping plus popping equals Jopping, definitively) is blazing a comeback trail just as summer winds down and autumn begins. August saw the release of the superb 100 alongside a charismatic performance on Good Morning America, and then kicked off September with follow-up single Tiger Inside and a preview of the group’s upcoming reality TV show MtopiaSuperM’s first full-length album Super One is coming and if the pre-release singles are any indication, hold on to your hats because they’re about to blow fans’ expectations out of the water! 



100 is a high-octane, pedal to the metal, adrenaline rush kind of pop song. From the spitfire raps, gorgeously melodic pre-chorus and bridge, and the half-chanted, half-harmonized hook, each member of SuperM gets a moment to shine. I love how the production never drowns out their voices either, putting the focus squarely on the group’s honed vocals. Even the music video, which features them blasting off into space at warp speed, chooses to zero in on their acrobatic choreography, showing off what these guys really can do. “100” is an energetic performance-type song, the perfect follow-up to “Jopping” as it’s in the same wheelhouse and yet still distinctly its own song.  



What I like about “Tiger Inside” is it deviates from SuperM’s pop sound and goes for a harder, more hip-hop and R&B-infused vibe.  I love the way the chorus bounces between octaves like a seesaw, ingraining the melody into my consciousness with its slick groove and beat. look forward to Super One containing more diverse genres like this one because it just sounds so fresh and new. The lyrics speak of unleashing the animal within, breaking free of the cage, and that’s the perfect metaphor for SuperM as a group. Once freed, they become unstoppable, their music poised to conquer the globe. “Dinner’s ready,” indeed.  



Watching SuperM’s interview on Good Morning America, their US morning show debut, the guys elaborated on their new album’s concept. Combining their different abilities and backgrounds to unite as one, Super One is about working together to overcome any obstacle. There’s also a message of hope within the lyrics, in that music can be a source of inspiration, it has the power to heal, and it can connect people from all over the world. Through their songs, they can lift fans’ spirits and remind them about the beauty of life and love, even during hardship. It’s no wonder Billboard touted SuperM as their pick for the Grammy Award for Best New Artist. The energy they put into their music is infectious and always 100%, and that commitment resonates to listeners as clear as a bell.  



And while I look forward to hearing their passion through Super One, I’m equally excited to seeing their wacky energy and comedic charms come to life on Mtopia. Though we’ve only seen a handful of teasers, the boys of SuperM know how to keep me laughing. The upcoming program will detail the members’ summer vacation, as they have fun by the waterside, enjoy cooking together, and play various outdoor games. SuperM will also reportedly be given missions to complete, that can only be solved by working together as a teamKnowing these guys, I’m prepared for lots of belly laughs. I’m also anticipating seeing their group dynamic off the stage too as it’ll be nice to see them getting to know one another better not just as colleagues, but as friends and peers.   



SuperM’s first full-length album, Super One, will be released on September 25th in five different versions. Your choice of two group versions or three-unit versions, all will include their own 104-page photobook, a CD-R booklet, an ID card and holder, a postcard, a folded poster, and two photo cards. Pre-order your copy today at SM Global Shop and be sure to check out all the new SuperM merch too, including tee shirts, keychains, a water bottle, a postcard set and much more!  


*All opinions stated are the author’s own 

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