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What I Want to See in 2020: NCT 127

What an NCTzen Wants to See From NCT 127 in the New Year  By Christa    2020, the start of a new year and a new decade. There’s going to...

What an NCTzen Wants to See From NCT 127 in the New Year 

By Christa 


2020, the start of a new year and a new decade. There’s going to be a lot of new things happening this year, a lot of big things and fans always have the hops of what their groups will do and achieve in the new year. As a proud NCTzen, I know there’s a lot of things I’m personally hoping happen for NCT 127 in 2020.  



A Full Length Album 

I love NCT 127’s music. In fact, they may be my favourite NCT subunit. That being said, I’m craving more new music for them. While Regular-Irregular, their first full length album, came out in late 2018 and We Are Superhuman, their most recent release, came out in mid-2019, I have been yearning for another full length. Especially since Jungwoo is projected to come back from his hiatus soon and rumours have been circulating social media of a comeback in early March, I have been craving one even more. 


More Ballads 

This ties into the wanting a full length album, but if it happens I definitely want more than one ballad on it. When Jaehyun, Haechan, Taeil and Doyoung come together, it is in my eyes to be magical. No Longer, Sun and Moon and End to Start are all on my top 5 list of NCT 127 songs, and I’d love to see another song in similar vein. The addition of Jungwoo in No Longer, in my eyes solidified his standing in what I call the NCT 127 Ballad Line and I hope that he’s included in future ballads as well.  



More ‘Noise Music’ 

Much like my want for more ballads, I want more of what has been coined through the K-pop fan community as ‘noise music’. Not to be confused as the industrial genre, ‘noise’ is used to describe songs with unconventional and sometimes even abrasive mixing. Songs like ChainSuperhuman and Simon Says fall into this category and they are in my opinion, to be some top tier NCT 127 songs. If we got more songs like that as well as more ballads, I’d be beyond happy. 


Another World Tour 

In 2019, they kicked off their tour entitled Neo City: The Origin tour with stops in America, Mexico, France, Thailand and Japan among other countries. Having attended two dates of the tour, I can honestly say it was one of the best live shows I have seen and it instantly left me wanting more. As the tour is finishing up in early 2020, I am much more invested in the group taking a moment to be home and recuperate, I would love to be able to see them on tour again. Maybe a fall or winter tour in late 2020? 



A Collab with Western Artist 

If you’ve been following K-pop in the last couple years, you’ll see that collaborations and remixes with a western artist is starting to become a staple of a discography for boy groups. They already have a couple collabs under their belt such as Marteen or their feature with Ava Max, but I’d love to see one that’s on an album of theirs where the song is still predominantly NCT 127 and that’s accessible to all fans on all platforms. 


I have a strong feeling that 2020 is going to be NCT 127’s year, and that they’ll be making great moves in their respective careers. I have lots of hopes for what will happen and I know that regardless of if I get any of these things or not, I’m still going to support them fully with every fibre of my being.  


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Disclaimer: Everything in this article is the author’s own opinions and hopes for the new year. 

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