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Zoom Into the Fast Lane with NCT 127’s '2 Baddies'

Experience fresh new sounds and raps from NCT 127. By: Adriana Chavez A neverending adrenaline is one of the best ways to explain NCT 127. The members TAEIL, JOHNNY, TAEYONG,...

Experience fresh new sounds and raps from NCT 127.

By: Adriana Chavez

A neverending adrenaline is one of the best ways to explain NCT 127. The members TAEIL, JOHNNY, TAEYONG, YUTA, DOYOUNG, JAEHYUN, JUNGWOO, MARK, and HAECHAN are back with 2 Baddies, their fourth full length album complete with a rush of energy and different styles.

Following up their last year’s release Sticker, 2 Baddies comes out blazing. From the second the first track “Faster” opens, you get strapped in for a rollercoaster type of rush. Taking its name seriously, “Faster” brings that quick paced explosion that NCT 127 is known for. Fitting perfectly with the car in the album cover, it's the perfect introduction to the experience the rest of the album brings.

The title track “2 Baddies” sets the tone for the whole album. With each member contributing in vocals or raps, the high beat track is NCT 127 at what they’re known for and gives one of the catchiest choruses that you will be singing nonstop. Bringing the song to life, the music video shows all nine members in an electrifying set with cars, lights, and their iconic choreography.

Slightly slowing down the tempo is “Time Lapse” with both TAEYONG and MARK having a hand in writing. It smoothly transitions to “Crash Landing” giving you a breather to groove to the R&B vibes. Along with the track “Gold Dust,” the softer melodies showcase their stronger vocals and a more vulnerable side to their music.

Back with more hip-hop is the track “Designer” which also features lyrics by TAEYONG and MARK. Keeping a more mid-tempo momentum, “Designer” still gives listeners a fun time with raps and a mellow vibe that is perfect for a drive with your windows down. Which also gives way for the other fun breezy track, “Black Clouds.” The song is a more traditional love song among the rest of the tracks giving off a feel good mood.

Following on the tracklist is “Playback” with more synths, and an edgy sound. The song plays around with trap rhythms and a quirkier keyboard sound. Keeping with the experimentation, “Tasty” starts off with a strong rap by TAEYONG followed by JOHNNY’s verse. Listeners can also hear JOHNNY give a fun narration at the start of “Vitamin.” Filled with 90’s hip-hop flair, “Vitamin” is about being there for someone when they are tired and need help, like a vitamin.

Like every rollercoaster, 2 Baddies begins its descent after reaching high peaks bringing it down with two final songs. While the name has you laughing, “LOL (Laugh-Out-Loud)” features a funky guitar for a bright song that encourages you to just shake off the bad times. An opposite feel from the start song, the slower paced final track “1, 2, 7 (Time Stops)” serves as a final farewell and love letter to fans to share their love and gratitude.

The beauty of NCT 127 and 2 Baddies is that they don’t shy away from different sounds or genres. The 12 track album showcases NCT 127 at their best incorporating loud fast raps and a lot of high tempo beats but also a lot of experimentation that keeps their albums fresh and new. 2 Baddies has the familiar sounds and performance that fans know but allows the group to surprise fans with different songs to fit every mood.

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