Merchandise Related

 Is this the official SM Entertainment Merchandise Shop?

Yes, we are licensed under SM Entertainment to sell their goods on our online shop. We primarily focus in the US, Latin, and European market since we ship all of our goods directly from the US. We carry only official SM Entertainment Merchandise which is branded by our official SM certification stickers that come with every order!

 How can you tell if my product is SM Entertainment’s official merchandise?

We develop, design, produce and sell all our merchandise under Licensing contract with SM Entertainment, and we go through their approval process. Here is the way to define official merchandise: 1. Certification sticker 2. Label 3. Hangtag

 Why is certified official merchandise important? What is the difference between artists official merchandise and un-official merchandise?

1. Un-official simply means fake product that manufacturers or merchandisers produce without SM Entertainment’s approval nor rightful licensing contract. Which means, the sales from Un-official merchandise do not support SM Entertainment Ariststs in any shape or form.
2. Official merchandise sales 100% support all SM Entertainment artists
3. Official merchandise is made of high-quality fabrics, stitching styles and materials. We want fans to treasure their merchandise for many years.
4. Official merchandise is stylish and unique. We keep up with the latest trends.