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Pre-Order - NCT DREAM 'Hello Future' Tie-Dye Crop Shirts+Shorts Set with Photo Card + Album Bundle

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<Item Spec>

 1. Material : COTTON

2. Component : Crop Shirts 1pc, Shorts 1pc, Photo Card 2pc (Random 2 out of 7)


<Track List>

01 Hello Future

02 Bungee

03 Hot Sauce

04 Diggity

05 Life Is Still Going On

06 Dive Into You

07 My Youth

08 Rocket

09 Countdown (3,2,1)

10 ANL

11 Irreplaceable

12 Be There For You

13 Rainbow


<Album Spec>

1. Cover

- 2 versions

2. Photo Book

- 1ea per version

3. CD-R

- 1ea per version

4. Tattoo Sticker

- Random 1 out of 2 per version

5. Envelope

- 1ea per version

6. Polaroid Card

- Random 1 out of 7 per version

7. Folded Poster

- Random 1 out of 7 per version

8. Photo Card

- Random 1 out of 7 per version(Dream Agent) + 1 ea for 'Hello' / 1 ea for 'Future' 

9. Poster (Unfolded) *For Initial Order Only*

- Random 1 out of 5 versions 

10. SGS Exclusive Group Version Photo Card (Random 1 out of 2 versions)


Precaution for use
- This product is for 14+, not for kids1. Do not soak it in water with detergent and
    do not leave it in crumpled state after spin drying
2. When washing, please separate white and colored products
3. Due to the tie-dye fabric/pattern, it may present differences in printing pattern
    and may vary between products. The image above is provided as an example,
    and once again may present differences from the actual product.
    This is not eligible for an exchange or refund.
4 .Please wash white and colored products separately
5. Do not leave the product covered in sweat or water for a long period of time,
    wash thoroughly and hang dry in the shade to prevent any detergent stains
6. Do not apply strong friction or force to the product as it may create lint
7. Do not dry the product in areas with hot/warm air,
    as it may create appearance deformations
8. Any damages to the product due to poor care from the customer will not be eligible
    for refund. Please follow the instructions above carefully
9. Size errors may occur when sewing or cutting the product (± 1- 2cm)


 • All Pre-Order - NCT DREAM 'Hello Future' Tie-Dye Crop Shirts+Shorts Set with Photo Card + Album Bundle will begin shipping starting mid Oct.

• Order Processing Time: (1-3 days, 3-5 days during high volume) after order confirmation. Make sure your address is in English at check-out. 

• Notice: Pre-Orders have a strict no cancellation policy

• Official merchandise certified by SM Entertainment.

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